OB GYN Clinic Dubai

The OB GYN Clinic Dubai offers complete obstetrics and gynecology care for women of all ages. Whether you are having a baby, considering the possibility of a hysterectomy or dealing with menopausal issues, we have skilled OB-GYN physicians and surgeons to deal with any gynecological medical problems you may have.

If you are pregnant, our expert obstetricians will care for you from day one that you find you are pregnant, until you deliver your healthy child into this world. Ask us for recommendations for a pediatrician to care for your child throughout his infancy and childhood. Our physicians maintain professional associations with many physicians in other specialties of practice and they can refer you to qualified experts in child care.

At our facility, all of your prenatal visits and your delivery are taken care of in house, by the same physician, allowing you to establish a personal relationship with your obstetric provider. There is no need for multiple providers or appointments in multiple locations. We provide a sense of security to our obstetrical patients that is unmatched by other providers in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

When you are expecting a child, or have unusual female medical issues at any time, we are ready and waiting to offer personal and confidential service, which is caring and considerate of your individual needs or medical condition. We pride ourselves on the personal relationship that we establish with each and every one of our patients.

Having a baby is a special time in life, and we put forth every effort to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible. The top quality personal care that we provide is what separates us from the rest of the medical community. Our goal in every medical situation is to be a trusted provider of medical services, and create a comfortable and caring environment in which to provide those services.

All gynecological medical issues are delicate and personal. We respect that, and we have the confidence and skill to see you through even the most difficult situation. From a pap smear to the delivery of your child, our world class obstetricians and gynecologists are dedicated to caring for you every step of the way.

Our reputation is based on the superb quality of care we deliver and the wide range of services we are able to provide to our patients. Our obstetric services are designed to be family friendly and educational, so that first time parents will have every advantage they need for a great start on their new family life.

If you would like further information, or wish to schedule a consultation, just fill out our Free Online Consultation request and our staff will contact you immediately. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with making an in-person appointment with one of our world class physicians.

We have helped to bring many new families into the world here at OB-GYN Clinic Dubai, and we would appreciate the opportunity to be your service provider as well.